Maxo – When the world stressed

When the world stressed Maxo out of his passion for rap, Making music changed everything for him. “It was for very therapeutic reasons,” He says about his creation. “I just needed healing.” Is the reason He started rapping.” He made use of his trip to Senegal in 2017 as inspiration to find out his place in music. Maxo chose Def Jam. To be honest this song brings up great childhood memories for me including the bad ones. That is the type of hip hop that sticks to my soul.

Keep Smiling Bro~ because I am again. Going through this motions in my life right now this song gives me hope to a better life coming soon thank you for this maxo. I found the needle in the hay and I’m just sewing up mistakes Looking back on the ones that I made With a smile on my face ’cause I’m still here today. Going through some stuff in life right now and it’s crazy how I stumbled upon this on Spotify.. the emotions and feelings hitting me when I listen to this is hard to describe and glad I really stumbled upon this… Things will get better soon. 

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Maxo used his three-week trip to Senegal in October of 2017, to figure out where he’d land in the music world. He opted for Def Jam. Earl Sweatshirt Merch and Music. Big Love. Check these links out with interviews from LArecord, Tinymixtapes, and Pitchfork.

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